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There will be a day


Sound installation, Ten jugs, green grass | Guest-game

Various dimensions

Aghababa Baghirov’s sound installation explores the social and psychological dimensions of the phenomena of delay. The artist classifies the causes for postponing into ten categories based on personal experience and sociological studies. Perfectionism, morals, fear, restrictions, resistance, and other issues are depicted through free-style essay-poems by the artist. The work is interactive in the sense that it resembles a quest-game where the audience is challenged to identify the central motive to each narrative through each poem, which will be visualized using augmented reality designed by the artist.  The work is a reference to his previous piece on societal taboos, inspired by the tale of Adam and Eva. The installation comprising the green grass and jugs evokes the holy garden, where the bite of a forbidden apple changed the course of history.


Aghababa's "Apple garden" artwork was exhibited in the group exhibition: "Posponed". 

2022 - at ARTIM project space / Icheri Sheher, Baku, Azerbaijan